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Our Debt Management Process

Debt Collection & Recoveries:We execute the various debt collection and recovery methods that include bulk SMS services, telephone calls, written demand letters, physical visits to debtors’ premises to increase efficiency. We assist our clients to analyze, segment, and classify the debts so as to identify the quick wins and increase recovery efficiency
Support in legal proceedings: We appreciate the fact that conventional debt collection efforts may not yield the desired results. We have partner organizations and professionals in the legal profession who support our clients end to end.

  • 1
    Analyze/ Contact the Debtor

    What information does he/she provide? Where is the debtor located? What actions were taken previously? Can they be reached on phone, in writing or by physically visiting them?

  • 2
    Assessments/Alternative Solutions

    What problem is at the root of the current delinquency? What type of debtor is being dealt with. What are the possible solutions? The objective here is to sell the benefits of paying on time in order to foster a positive payment culture with the client.

  • 3
    Securing payment commitments:

    LAre we negotiating effectively? The collector must clearly identify when, where, how, and how much the debtor will pay and must remember, for example, how a debtor in a situation of over-indebtedness or decreased income will prioritize the payment of his/her bills..

  • 4
    Compliance with payment commitments

    Did the debtor pay on the agreed-upon date? Does the debtor demonstrate a desire to repay the balance? The objective here is to demonstrate consistency throughout the collections process. It.

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